3D Custom Screensaver features

Create, Share and Distribute Your 3D Screensavers !
Version 5.0 and above supports the creation of stand alone 3d screensaver executables. This allows you to create your own screensaver (*.exe) files, which you can easily and freely share them among you friends, colleagues etc…!

20 Awesome 3d Effects
Whichever of the 20 3d effects you decide to use, you will never get tired of watching the endless changes in your 3D Screensaver, even within the same effect. Get ready for an amazing journey which will have you staring at your screen in awe.

You can watch your images as they:

rotate as wallpapers to cubes in a fully 3 dimensional environment in ROTATING CUBES and ROTATING CUBES 2
input your text message and watch it move around your screen
go into warp in a visually stunning tunnel in TUNNEL and TUNNEL2
come together as a 3d puzzle only to be blown apart again in PUZZLE
form shapes inside the multidimensional structure known as torus in the PHOTOTORUS series of effects
fly in the background as you move around all sides of the ANALOGUE 3D CLOCK or shape the constantly morphing DIGITAL 3D CLOCK
perpetually change in PHOTO MORPHING